Brightlands Chemelot Campus


Brightlands Chemelot Campus is an Open Innovation Campus offering Real Estate, Venture Capital and Business Development services to the companies on campus. Within its Biomedical Materials focus we work specifically in the field of Regenerative Medicine, Tissue Engineering, Medical Devices, Drug Delivery Systems, Medical Coatings and Implants.

With its location at the axis of the cross-border region Netherlands-Belgium-Germany and the offices of the European Parliament, the campus is a stepping stone for European and even global expansion. This unique position attracts innovative companies and visionary investors. Brightlands Chemelot Campus is a junction where entrepreneurs and companies accelerate each other’s growth.

In 2013, Brightlands Chemelot Campus started the construction of Regeneration Street: 50,000m2 of world-leading research, production and innovation in Regenerative Medicine across several state-of-the-art high-tech buildings.

The first building on Regeneration Street is an advanced facility for cell therapy and regenerative medicine. The building has a total ground floor size of 2,400m2 with 750m2 clean room facilities. This building is home to Manufacturing companies, Research Institutes, CMO companies and startups in the field of Regenerative Medicine.

We are currently rapidly expanding the Lonza facilities to accommodate their growth. In parallel we are developing a new GMP certified facility for startups and SME’s with a total footprint of 4,000m2.