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VIDEO: Gaining a Competitive Edge Through Effective Process Design and Tech Transfer


Ohad Karnieli, CEO and Co-Founder of Atvio Biotechnology, gives his unequivocal views on the risks and mistakes often made in tech transfer, and his top tips for gaining a competitive edge through your process development.  

This episode covers three big success factors of global tech transfer

1. Process vs. Product

Does IP lie in the process or the product? Find out what Ohad thinks is a ‘big mistake’ and where IP and competitive advantage really lie. Do you keep your process a secret or do you collaborate and see better results?

2. Risk Factors

When transferring from an academic lab to clinical or commercial scale, the biggest risk factor is a technology that is not mature enough, do you agree?

3. Designing the Right Success Factors

Keeping your product at the centre of your tech transfer success metrics is crucial. Keeping track of characterisation, potency and assay development will ensure success.