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See what happened at our first Phacilitate SIG: Automation event

Our inaugural SIG Automation event was truly a great success! Here's a short recap video what happened at the event.

The Automation SIG is focused on creating tangible outputs that extend beyond what you’ve learnt at the event. From the 2017 inaugural meeting we created two written pieces - the Rapporteur’s Report & the Automation Report.

Phacilitate Automation SIG: 2018 Report

The report is comprised of 12 chapters dedicated to the most pressing issues discussed onsite at the SIG 2018.
Each chapter contains a summary of the key talking points and opinions shared within the group and is supported by in-depth commentary from the session rapporteurs on what this means for both you as an individual and the wider industry over the next 12 months

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Report: The ROI of Automation in Cell-based therapy bioprocessing and supply chains

In this exclusive report produced in partnership with BioLacuna, we explore the role of automation in manufacturing risk management.

The report undertakes an analysis of current bioprocess solutions for cell-based therapies, including extracellular vesicles, and investigates both their utility and amenability to automation, It investigates different models for implementing automation, the benefits of bespoke vs off-the-shelf bioprocessing, and decision making around integrated vs outsorced manufacturing. The report carries out quantitative research on KOL attitudes towards various aspects of bioprocess automation, and conducted interviews with a number of industry leaders, generating insight into the current state of automation, and illuminating some of the challenges and opportunities within the field.

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