Sponsorship Opportunities

There are three ways to sponsor Phacilitate Automation


As a Working Group Sponsor you will act as Rapporteur of a working group with support from a Co-rapporteur from a therapeutic biotech (Co-rapporteur can be from your network or Phacilitate’s).
You will shape the discussion for the group across the year, lead each of the four quarterly working group meetings and feed back the conclusions from each discussion to the wider Automation Community.
You will have a leading role in the publication of the Automation Report as well as three blog posts outlining progress of your group throughout the year.
You will have extensive branding at all four meetings, the Automation Report and quarterly blog posts, all of which will be promoted within the Phacilitate network.
“Partnering with Phacilitate on the Automation SIG allows us to collaborate with leaders across the industry and define a framework for the future of automation. We’re excited to work side by side with therapeutic developers and other tool and technology companies towards the creation of much needed industry standards” - Ben Nelson, Sr Manager, Strategic Marketing & Commercial Operations at ScaleReady



The Automation Community and the SIG working groups will meet four times a year to join together in a feedback loop and a networking session via Spatial Chat. During this networking time, we will be putting together a selection of pre-recorded video technology demonstrations to be featured within the networking space.

Alongside your video being featured during one of the Automation feedback loop events, it will be available to view for 12 months within Phacilitate’s On-Demand Library, where it will be promoted to Phacilitate’s network. The Library will be launched later this year as a place to help cell and gene manufacturers review the latest technology in a short, bite-sized format, saving decision making time.

Technology demonstration format:
  • The technology is introduced via a 10-15 minute video, where the focus is on a high level overview, demonstrating use-cases and data where appropriate
  • If appropriate, this can be followed by a short Q&A, hosted by Michael Adeniya, Portfolio Director at Phacilitate



The Automation Community will have firsthand access to a selection of automation-focused content, providing in-depth guidance on automation-related challenges. This could take a form of an e-book, a survey + infographic, or a written case study.

This content piece will be published according to the schedule of events for the Community, but also within the Phacilitate Exchange content library, where it will be promoted to Phacilitate’s network.



Our team would love to find out more about your goals and ambitions and how you can be best placed at Automation SIG 2021/22. 

Please fill out the form below to enquire about sponsorship opportunities and our sales team will be in touch shortly.