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What is the Automation SIG?

The automation SIG is a unique blend of truly immersive brainstorming sessions and innovative, activity-based networking designed to deliver a roadmap to cost-effective, robust and interconnected  manufacturing and supply chain models.

Phacilitate Automation SIG 2018




This event brought together 130 senior decision-makers, hands-on tool implementers and engineers from industry to blend them with critical external narratives (such as regulators, academics and experts from other sectors) to create a cell and gene therapy manufacturing hub of engaged learning and valuable networking.





What will I achieve?

Automation SIG will provide you with:

- A clear map to delivering manufacturing and supply chain models that are robust and cost-effective

- A comprehensive view of the affordability and ROI from automation for each stage of cell and gene therapy R&D commercialisation

- Strategic and technical ‘next steps’ towards maximising the impact of automation on cost of goods and manufacture/ supply chain robustness

- An opportunity to bring your own specific issue or challenge to the table for discussion by the group

- A ‘landing point’ in cell and gene therapy for leading bioengineers from the fringes of the sector

- The perfect setting to develop genuinely valuable and lasting new contacts